Human Capital is the most precious asset for any business. We help companies to save time and resources which allows them to focus on their core job and increase productivity through our solutions that help companies in hiring the right talent and also protect their business by mitigating the risk of frauds and save company profitability and brand through our Background Verification and Screening Solutions.

We offer comprehensive range of background verification services i.e. Employment Background Check, Professional Reference Check, Criminal Background, Global Due Diligence, Address Verification, Educational Qualification, Financial Credit, Identity Proof Check, Court Records, Risk Database, Crime Databases, Sanction Lists, Politically Exposed Persons & various other background checks in India as per the business needs.

Employee background screening is critical & companies opts for verifications to mitigate risk, create safe work environment, prevent frauds, establish trust & protect company brand value & profitability. Companies should screen candidates at all level, including part-time workers & senior management. All employees have the same access to the office premises, assets & sensitive information & hence, pose a significant risk.