The basic characteristic of every business entity in today’s scenario of rapidly growing economy and fast-developing global marketplace is that the players must have a thorough knowledge of the business ambience they are involved in, its nature, potentials and threats. This helps a particular business or a firm in continuing to enjoy a stable position and stay ahead of its competitors irrespective of market condition and consumer behavior. This is where the need of Market Research comes into play. It helps the executives to make strategic decisions based on market research results on competition, market size and market needs. This also includes societal and judgmental research.

Market Quotient has considerable knowledge on all the mainstream niches of market research that include both Quantitative as well as Qualitative aspects. Mention needs to be made of the Quantitative researches that are carried out by the respondents who supply real time data, which can be conveniently analyzed in order to evaluate the market and generate full proof predictions. Likewise, the Qualitative researches by us are more subjective in nature and integrate a range of techniques that ensure accuracy in accumulation of information and definition of consumer viewpoint. With the help of these data we develop questionnaires for our clients, carry out interviews, scrutinize data and generate research reports that assist in the growth of businesses.